The situation with the USS Olympia gets my goat!

Posted on September 7, 2010 by


It’s a crying shame that our nation might be losing one of its greatest national treasures, but… that’s the way things keep looking. Some may recall a little while ago that Craig gave us a virtual tour of the Olympia, having also mentioned her a little before. Then too, I see that Dimitri mentioned it as well, possibly being the first in the CW blogosphere to chime in on what may yet become a national shame (and adds some critical links to understanding how some on board had ties to the Civil War). These were some fine write-ups. Yet, if you haven’t heard the news… it’s high time to get in the know and start complaining… and hopefully being part of a solution. Here’s a running list of news updates as to her fate.

As a former swabby, this just turns my stomach a thousand times worse than a winter’s transit out of Hampton Roads on a rounded-hull submarine! Surely, at a minimum, the Navy can jump in and do something about this, just to stall things long enough to kick-in an appeal for help…  and I’d dare say that there are more than a fair share of Navy vets, myself among them, who stand ready to chip-in even in these difficult times to make sure that an integral part of our history doesn’t get torn from us. I keep thinking about that Navy recruiting poster with “Heritage” on it, and though the Constitution is the featured vessel, I can’t help but think of the Olympia and wonder just how seriously we can look at such posters when we let one of our own go like this!