Yummy! Some recipes from 1861…

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On rare occasion, I bring up the topic of food here, so… I can’t resist… whenever I find old recipes, I have to give them a shot… perhaps it’s the blood of my confectioner ancestors that comes to life when I find this sort of thing. Nevertheless, haven’t tried these yet, but wanted to pass them along. Some are food recipes, others are concoctions for other purposes. These appeared in the Hagerstown Herald of Freedom and Torch Light, October 23, 1861…


TO DESTROY FLIES – Cold green tea, very strong, and sweetened with sugar, when set about to saucers, attracts flies and destroys them.

CREAM CUSTARD. – Mix a pint of cream with one of milk, five beaten eggs, a tablespoonful of flour and three of sugar. Add nutmeg to the taste, and bake custard in cups or pie-plates in a quick oven.

TO RENOVATE BLACK CRAPE. – Skim milk and water, with a little bit of glue in it, make scalding hot, will restore old rusty black Italian crape. If clapped and pulled dry, like fine muslin, it will look as good as new.

STEAMED EGGS. – Butter a plate and break the eggs upon it, and season with butter, salt and pepper. Place them in a steamer, and cook a longer or shorter time, according to individual taste. – This is a good dish for an invalid, if not cooked too hard.

NICE LIGHT BUNS. – One pound of flour, six ounces of butter, two teaspoonfuls of yeast powder, quarter of a pound of sugar, beat the yolk of an egg separately, half a gill of milk, and a few drops of essence of lemon; bake immediately.

KITCHEN ODORS. – The unpleasant odors from boiling ham, cabbages, etc., is completely corrected by throwing whole red peppers into the pot – at the same time the flavor is improved. Pieces of charcoal will produce the same effect.

COLD SLAW. – Yolks of two eggs, a table-spoonful of cream, a small teaspoonful of mustard, a little salt, and two teaspoonfuls of vinegar. If cream is not used, put in a small lump of butter rubbed in a little flour. Cut the cabbage very fine, heat the mixture, and pour it on hot.