My performance (including a voice segment) in the hot submarine flick for sale on the History Channel

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Ok, ok… I have no doubt that it’s NOT a top seller, but it was cool that I found it recently. Here’s some shots of me in my younger days about the Montpelier (15 years ago this summer). They’re a couple of still-frames from a show (“Sounds of Discovery”) that appeared first around 1995. Bill Kurtis was the host of the show… and, though I provided a link to the site where the video is sold… no, I don’t get any royalties… not like they would amount to much… Oh, and by the way, if you are looking for an interesting show on submarines, this isn’t it. The show was directed toward middle schoolers, and in this particular episode, submarine listening devices are a sidebar to a story about tracking whales.

A shot of me giving a little instruction to a kid on the helm... the nub! 🙂

Me (in the foreground) at the helm... my second favorite role on the sub... next to lookout that is, especially when in the Caribbean

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