Sending off “the boys” from Luray

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Sending off the "boys" from Luray in 1918

Wish this would have scanned a little more clear. Nonetheless, I was mistaken about the combination of Confederate flags and U.S. flags in this photo… albeit, there are Confederate veterans. In fact, first man in the front on the left (the older gentlemen) was a captain, and former commanding officer of Co. K, 10th Virginia Infantry (Richard Stewart Parks). He was wounded at McDowell in May 1862. Just opposite him is F.T. Amiss, founder and commanding officer of the Summers-Koontz Camp #490, Sons of Confederate Veterans (the first organization that lasted through the early 1930s)… AND son of Dr. T.B. Amiss. If you read Bob Krick’s book about Cedar Mountain, you may be aware of who his father was… the doctor who saved Snowden Andrews life. I haven’t been able to identify any others in the photo with any degree of certainty.

So, it’s clear here that “Old Glory” adorns the walls on this occasion.