The voice of the Southern people left unheard…

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Took a little “virtual walk” among some items in the Valley of the Shadow today and found quite a bit that was of interest, but wanted to throw these out for consideration… all from the Feb. 26, 1861 issue of the Staunton Spectator

The Natchez Courier “Contends that the people of Natchez were not in support of secession and questions the right of the Mississippi Convention to secede without the people’s consent. The Courier also questions the right of the Southern Confederacy to appoint rulers, alter Constitutions and impose taxes without popular consent.”

An editorial-type piece from the Spectator under the heading “The Rights of the People Disregarded”: “…if given the chance to vote, the citizens of all the seceded states except South Carolina would have voted for the Union. The article argues that the politicians in those states have usurped the rights of the people.”

… and subsequently… in the following piece the argument was made that when it came to Virginia, “any decisions regarding secession should be submitted to the people for ratification. The decision cannot be left up to the legislature, because this body as it is now composed is not representative of the conservative unionist opinions of most Virginians.”

But then, you also had the issue of the secesh guard dogs…

Secret Oath-Bound Cabals

(Column 6) Summary: Blames secession on a conspiracy of secret societies which preserve order by “secret management” in the face of increasing Union sentiment. Allegedly, Unionists are watched and are ordered out of the province if they speak against secession.

Sounds like the Southern people had grounds for a little Tea Party Movement of their own, but not as some appear to think… not against the United States, but against the Confederacy.