Historically distracted :-)

Posted on March 25, 2010 by


I find the older I get, I must have adult attention deficit disorder… either that, or I just get bored doing the same thing too long; better to bounce between several different projects to keep the mind fresh. On that note, while conducting research for my Cole’s Cavalry unit history project, I’ve also been compiling several years of my newspaper articles. The end result of this compilation will be volumes 3, 4, and 5 of Short Historical Sketches of Page County, Virginia and Its People. On top of that, I’m determined to push another project ahead as soon as the compilation is complete. You will notice in my blog header, there is a reference to the First World War… that wasn’t an accident. I have several letters that I am transcribing for a volume (or two) focused on Page County men in the First World War. The most significant part of this is a volume focused on the men of the 116th Infantry, 29th Division, BUT… the series of letters that I am compiling actually runs from the Mexican Crisis of 1917 through the time when the troops started returning to the States in 1919. There is some really fascinating stuff in there… and I really enjoy doing it because the First World War is so under-served. On top of that, I have had the good fortune to come into a rather significant collection of photos taken by (and/or collected by) my great-granduncle. He served on the USS Tutuila from 1928-1934… in a real version of The Sand Pebbles. So, I’m looking into identifying several of the other sailors in the photos. One of the nicest photos in this collection is a colorized version of the Tutuila entering Hsin Tan Rapid (30 miles above Ichang). Take a look…