The Loyal Ladies of Winchester, Virginia

Posted on January 19, 2010 by


As one who is particularly interested in information about Southern Unionists in the Shenandoah Valley, this image truly ranks among those rich discoveries found at places where I would have never anticipated.

Regretfully, it’s hard to make out what the flag looked like (it also doesn’t help when I can’t use a flash!), specifically, but, like usual, it’s the sentiment that counts, right? (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk 🙂 ). As the descriptive placard next to the flag indicates, the flag was presented to (then) Col. Isaac Duval. Fortunately, the placard helps us figure out just what the image on the flag is… “the red background contains a large eagle. The red canton is surrounded by a black border and gold fringe.”

The flag is one of many on display in the new (opened this past summer) Civil War flag exhibit at the West Virginia Independence Hall in Wheeling. I’ve got more images coming.

*This is a dual post, appearing also in Southern Unionists Chronicles.