Status of Southern Unionists Chronicles

Posted on January 6, 2010 by


Yes, it’s still active. Until today, I haven’t posted anything in months, but reader activity has been on and off, and, when there are comments, the discussion has proven enjoyable. What I like most is hearing from those who are descended from Southern Unionists and “can handle the truth.” It’s really refreshing. True, I get an occasional denier of the relevance of Southern Unionists (or even a relative of a Unionists that I feature) who denies that the information and doubts unbiased analysis on my part, but that’s ok. Those who are descended from Southern Unionists, “can handle the truth,”  and comment far outnumber the non-believers who comment. I highly value the exchange with those who are quite aware of the other side of the Southern story and enjoy facilitating a gathering site for such folks. What matters is that there are those who are seeking the truth about a more complex South than that which has been portrayed for far too long as anchored tightly to the legacy of the Confederacy.

Take a look at today’s post. I found the article in (are we surprised?) the Hagerstown Herald of Freedom and Torch Light. Regretfully, he simply signed his letter as “M”, but he left a great deal to consider, most especially when some think that the Secessionists take-over of the South was a gentlemanly enterprise. The man was a Berkeley County, Virginia (now West Virginia) resident, who fled across the Potomac and ended up in Clear Spring, Maryland. I consider it a pretty good find. Enjoy!