Battling the big “pig”

Posted on November 6, 2009 by


For about the past six days, I’ve been dealing with one heck of a virus… and yesterday, I found out, courtesy of a professional diagnosis, that I’m battling the big “pig.” Fortunately, my battle with swine flu isn’t as tough as it could be. The doc says my immune system is apparently battling it rather well. Nonetheless, I’ve been on a roller coaster of viral symptoms. I think I’m feeling better for a while, then, usually sometime beginning in the afternoon, the battle becomes more “intense.” By far, this is the longest I have dealt with viral symptoms and usually see them moving along after about 24-48 hours.

So, not feeling much like posting anything too intense lately, I’ve fallen back a bit to some “casual work” on Wikipedia. What? You think blogging’s the only thing I do on the Web? 🙂 History needs tweaking elsewhere as well… and there are also plenty of gaps to fill. For those interested in taking a peak at some of my casual work on Wikipedia, you can see it here. Though I’m about done with it, one of my largest projects there is making some major tweaks on the Bethany Veney entry.  I’ve got to get some more stuff to post on HMDb sometime soon as well. Once I’m back to normal, I’ll be posting a few more items about the interesting and curious status of Unionism in western Maryland in 1861.