The Order of Enlightened Descendants of Civil War era Southerners

Posted on June 24, 2009 by


I’ve been thinking about this for quite sometime…

As Southerners pursuing a better and more complete understanding of our Southern heritage AND accepting the fact that the legacy of the Lost Cause left us with a rather narrow glimpse at the realities that surrounded Civil War era Southerners, what sort of organization might best encompass the full breadth of understanding without all of the symbology and what-not? In what ways can we, as Southerners, both appreciate our ties to our ancestors who were Confederate soldiers, appreciate the fact that the Confederacy did not define the diversity of the Southern populace at the time of the Civil War, and even embrace the fact that many of our Civil War era Southern ancestors didn’t get an all around “warm and fuzzy” about the Confederacy? How can one organization embrace Southern heritage that is inclusive of ancestors who were Confederate soldiers, dissenting Southerners, Southern Unionists (civilians), Southern Union soldiers, the generally indifferent, slaves, free blacks, disaffected Confederates, and disillusioned Confederates?

I’m willing to entertain suggestions, but to make a suggestion (and be among the approved comments)  to what might be the preamble of this more enlightened order of Southerners, by making a comment, you readily acknowledge that the Confederacy did/does not define the Civil War era South and you signify that you are able to appreciate the differences of a culture of diverse sentiments that has been so incredibly misrepresented over the years, often because of a rather heavy-handed Lost Cause mythology. The floor is open…