Shameless plug… appearance at the Roanoke CWRT tomorrow

Posted on June 8, 2009 by


I’m taking a brief break from the hunt for a job and speaking about the Civil War tomorrow night in Roanoke. The topic for the evening…

Should we no longer look at the Civil War era “Southern perspective” as a matter of “Confederate perspective?” In his master’s thesis, “Flaws in the Armor of the Grand Illusion: Dissent, Reluctance, and Disaffection Toward the Confederate Cause in the Central Shenandoah Valley – A Study of Page County, Virginia” (Old Dominion University, 2007), Robert H. Moore, II challenged many traditional views of the “Southern perspective” of the Civil War and suggests that the Southern perspective of the Civil War is actually multi-dimensional and not merely defined as “Confederate.”

I look forward to it because this is the first time I’ve spoken about the ACW in a “live” face-to-face forum since I started blogging… yes, it’s been that long… being a full-time student kept me otherwise a bit busy 🙂 …