Taking Blogs and Bloggers seriously

Posted on May 18, 2009 by


Having seen a recent comment to a post in another blog, I just felt the need to say something. Though neither the post or the comment were focused directly on the act of blogging, the reference to blogging was made in a very negative way. Let’s just say that it’s clear that some people don’t take blogs and bloggers very seriously… and apparently that even carries over to those who blog about history. I know this is probably a matter of preaching to the choir, but I think those who speak so negatively about blogging and bloggers apparently can’t see the value of the technology as a medium and the time that many of us spend in creating content. It can sometimes entail several hours (and for those who write reviews of books, of course, it takes a great deal longer). As for the delivery of content in posts, I’m a huge fan of the small “bursts” of information and/or challenges to thinking… and to me, that’s the point. Creating short bursts that make people think is a critical part of blogging history. It stimulates thought and (hopefully) discussion. All-in-all, the discourse can make for some very worthwhile reading. In the end, I’m not sure what part of me is bothered worse by the passing snipe at the act of blogging… the blogging historian or the techie in me who sees the educational potential for Web 2.0 (and certainly 3.0).