How far for “Cause” and “Country?”

Posted on April 9, 2009 by


Quick post today, but as I am very aware that today is April 9… the anniversary of Appomattox, I just had a few thoughts driving to school today. At Appomattox, Lee had but a fraction of the men that once filled the ranks of the ANV. Sure, many had died along the way, suffered incapacitating wounds, were sitting in prison camps (or were in the ranks of the Union army with USV out west), but how many healthy, able-bodied Southern men were at home when Lee and the remnants of the ANV laid down their arms? If the South was so unified and committed to “Cause” and “Country” as some wish to portray them to the public today, why do they find it convenient to forget this fact? How many realized that the “Cause” was lost and not worth pursuing well before Appomattox? For that matter, how many realized that the idea of Confederacy and “the Cause” was not as great as many had portrayed them both in April 1861?