More Civil War site vandalism

Posted on February 27, 2009 by


Richard beat me to this one by posting about this already, just this morning; but I’ve got a little to say about this stuff.

I’m just back (as of an hour ago) from a morning drive over to McDowell. My objective was to capture images (for HMDB) of all of the different markers between Ft. Edward Johnson and McDowell (and I crept over to Monterey to capture images of two things over there as well). Well, the Ft. Edward Johnson walking tour went just fine, but when I touched down at the first set of markers at McDowell, there it was, sure as shootin’! Both the CWPT and VCWT markers were vandalized.


No, it’s not measurable with what took place at the Peace Monument in Gettysburg, but the vandalism still has a financial impact on all those who work hard in making sure that sites like this are properly interpreted. As one who has spent a good deal time raising money for about a dozen Civil War Trails markers (about $2,600 each) and written the text for quite a few more, this irks me to no end. Of course, I know I’m “preaching to the choir” here, but the clean-up on these signs may actually take a little more than some elbow grease. The damage to the face of the signs may be justification enough for a replacement panel… and that means more money.