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Just days short of the one year anniversary of this blog and I’m now at post #200. I’m not too disappointed with the experience and am quite pleased with the steady increase in readership. For the month of January alone, this blog was viewed over 4,200 times (2,836 visits) as opposed to, for example, August with 1,157 page views (737 visits).

As some may have seen, I have expanded this blog considerably, adding six “micro-blogs” (a name with which I’m not totally satisfied, but I’m thinking of another way to explain their place in the overall context of my blogging) in the last few months (see the “micro-blog” tab at the top of this page and the RSS feeds on the left). Feel free to link to any or all of these.  Of all of the “micro-blogs,” Southern Unionists Chronicles is the fastest growing right now and taking on a life of its own (busiest traffic day was February 6).

On top of that, just last night, I ventured into Facebook and Twitter and added them as elements to this blog. I’m not quite sure how I want to integrate that, but I figured it was past time since not only are my current studies focused on the semantic Web but also the social Web. I’ve also added pages about citing the different pages. Even in blogging history, the social exchange itself, especially in terms of historical “memory,” is worthy of further analysis… even beyond the blogosphere.

So, for all of those folks who read… and participate in the read-write aspect of the blog experience, THANKS!

I still consider myself working my way through this, even after a year. It’s interesting to see how I’m integrating much of what I have learned in the last year into my current thesis.