The “organic” nature of the blog

Posted on February 10, 2009 by


For an introduction to doing some housekeeping around a blog, I really liked what Past in the Present said in a post just the other day.

“One of the interesting things about a blog is the fact that it’s organic. It grows along with its writer, and as you feel your way through it, you’re able to go back and make adjustments from time to time.”

I couldn’t agree more. I would also add that the act of blogging itself is organic.

As opposed to the static nature of the book and/or article, blogging is not necessarily a terminal act. Sure, one can go back and write something to adjust a statement made earlier in a book or article (or even make a statement to counter that which was mentioned), but the book still stands on its own. Without a “hyperlink” or “living addendum” made obvious to a reader who takes the book alone and takes it for its face value, the original statement(s) made by the author in the original work still stand. Without knowledge of the change, the reader is going to read what the author had to say and perhaps interpret meaning in what was said. 

In a blog, however, there is really no need for interpretation. The author (as long as he/she is still around and blogging) is present and can be asked for clarification of a point made in, for example, a post. The ensuing dialogue should provide further clarification of points as if it were a stream of consciousness. In some sense, blog posts may represent the blogger thinking out loud, therefore representing an effort to think through a particular subject. The exchange between reader and author that follows the post should be seen as organic or flowing and not stagnating in a pool of interpretation over the meaning of the author’s words.