O.K., snow has come and gone… it’s time for Spring

Posted on February 9, 2009 by


After I ranted a little about not getting snow this year (in the upper Shenandoah), it finally arrived last week. Five inches of the stuff was just enough to take the sled out, have a couple of snowball fights, and bring on the need for a great cup of hot chocolate. So, Jenny’s offer to ship some from up around the Great Lakes came through.  🙂

So, now that the snow has come and gone… it’s time for Spring; and as a result of some Web surfing (I was actually looking for some ideas for background colors for a project that I am working on), I came across what I like to consider “virtual Spring.” Well, at least it’s enough to satisfy the auditory needs… and perhaps fool one enough to “feel warm” for just a little while. Click on this site, turn up the volume to a comfortable level on your computer, and enjoy the sounds of what I think represents what one might hear in a pleasantly wooded area in the spring. Heck, it might even be similar to what might be had on Little Round Top or Culp’s Hill in early May. Whadyathink?