Glimpses of June 1862 in two of my micro-blogs

Posted on February 1, 2009 by


If you’ll take a look in the column to the left (now… Spring ’09…  after I’ve changed the framework of the blog… look to the right) where I have the RSS feeds for my four (so far) micro-blogs, I’ve posted new photos in both Shenandoah’s Civil War and More than names in stone.

The photo in the Shenandoah’s Civil War photo blog was taken from the middle of Gen. Isaac R. Trimble’s line on the Cross Keys Battlefield. One can easily see how the 8th N.Y. Infantry got the worst of it on June 8, 1862 by not deploying skirmishers and coming up that slight rise shown just to the front of Trimble’s position.

The latest photo in More than names in stone is of Charles T. Parry’s headstone. A member of Percy Wyndham’s 1st New Jersey Cavalry, Parry was killed in action at Harrisonburg two days before Cross Keys. I created a link to the book at GoogleBooks to show details of Parry’s death. One of Parry’s comrades, Jonathan Jones, is also mentioned in the same paragraph as being killed. His headstone is within site of Parry’s in Staunton National Cemetery and will be featured on another day.