Excellent discussion about Civil War memory and some issues pertaining to the “read-write” nature of blogging

Posted on January 29, 2009 by


I know many of the readers here are actually “travelers” who frequently make their way through Kevin’s Civil War Memory blog to my blog, but for those who do not make that virtual journey, check out Kevin’s posts (with comments) from yesterday and today (and even the day before). There is some great discussion going on about two of my favorite topics… Civil War memory and the dynamics of blogging. Ties in quite well with my thesis, I might add.

Speaking of “travelers” moving through the blogosphere, this sounds like a good time to stop and say “thanks!” to the top referrers to this blog. Of a total of 23,941 hits so far (as of this minute) on this blog, Civil War Memory leads the way having accomodated 1,960 passages to my site; Rantings of a Civil War Historian has brought in 1,024 “travelers;” and Google Reader has brought in 506. Others who keep sending folks my way and deserve thanks include Pinstripe Press (321); Civil War Bookshelf (270),  To the Sound of the Guns (167); North Carolina and the Civil War (120); and Bull Runnings (110). Thanks also to the many other CW bloggers who have added me to their blogrolls. Of course, I also need to say “thanks!” to the “travelers” themselves. For the past two months, I’ve been averaging almost 4,000 hits monthly. I appreciate the readership.

I’m still short of my first year anniversary in the blogosphere and have learned a great deal… and continue to learn.