Yet another “playground”

Posted on January 28, 2009 by


I’m never satisfied with practicing history one way and one way alone. I suppose it should be obvious considering all of my micro-blogs (see the column to the left). Perhaps I’m more than a bit all over the board. Well, I’ve recently started playing a little more in another playground as well. Look to the right column… no, down a bit more than that… yup, that’s it… that new link column titled “My Contributions” (see the List of Contributions link and the Map of Contributions link). What can I say? I really like discovering interpretive markers, and I love outdoor educational experiences (preferably in warmer weather) that they can (not always, but they can sometimes) offer.

I’ve gotta say it… I am going to miss being a full-time graduate student and having all of this time available to “play!” I suppose it is especially the case considering “play-time” is a part of “study-time” with my focus in technical communication being on how “historical delivery” on the Web is (or has the potential to be be) so much different from that in print.

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