It’s snowing… well, a little

Posted on January 27, 2009 by


What one word can I provide that sums up this winter in the Shenandoah Valley? Hmmm… I know! “BORING!” We have yet to see an appreciable snowfall (dustings only). I know that those who have seen more than their fair share are saying “quitcherbitchin,” but it needs to snow or start getting warm pdq. It’s not that I like to shovel snow and frankly, I’m the type of person who likes snow in early winter and hates it in late winter; but for pete’s sake, I’d like to see at least one snowfall this winter! O.K., enough of the rant…

Speaking of snow (and keeping up with the theme of the blog), has anyone seen that blurb on the news about the recent snowball fight in Wisconsin? They say it didn’t beat the world record, but I’m curious now as to what the world record is. I would dare say that there wasn’t anyone counting participants in the great snowball fights that occured in the winter of ’62 in Confederate winter quarters, but has anyone dared to come up with a tally of the number of participants that may have been in the mix? “Forgotten history?” Ehhh, nahhhh, I’m just curious.