Keeping track of OUR comments elsewhere and making it part of OUR blogs

Posted on January 22, 2009 by


Just a quick note, but this is something that drives me nuts as a blogger.

Blogging is, of course, far more than just writing posts, opening posts up to comments, and commenting on comments. Blogging is also about interaction within the blogosphere. I would say that most, if not all, of us venture out beyond the “borders” of our our own blogs. Bloggers read other blogs (duh!) and comment on posts made in other blogs. Since this is part of the flow of our thinking, why is it that someone has not created something where we, on the face of our own blogs, reveal to the users/readers of our blogs, our interactions and continued flow of thoughts in comments and interactions on other blogs? To me, this is an integral part of the culture of blogging (not to mention a no-brainer considering hypertext theory)!

It just seems like a widget can be developed to look something like the widget we have to show recent comments made on our blog.

Hey company people, can we do anything to make this happen?! Sure would be a nice addition to both the experience of those who blog AND to those who read the blogs!