Another “spoke” added to the “hub”

Posted on December 20, 2008 by


Taking advantage of a little down time, in Avenue of Armies: A Supplement to the Page County Civil War Tour Book, I’ve added an interactive “living feature” of one of books, Avenue of Armies: Civil War Sites of Luray and Page County, Virginia. Since publishing the book in 2002, a few sites have been moved, some destroyed, and some face possible destruction. Likewise, without creating a second edition, I want to use the Web to recognize sites that I was unable to cover in the original work.

Thinking along the line of Craig’s “Marker Hunting” in “To the Sound of the Guns,” consider this new “information compilation blog” a “HS w/o HMDB” site (aka “Historic Sites without Historic Markers Database”) 🙂

So, why add another blog? Actually, I see this more of a “micro-blog,” or the use of the blog format to post stuff that applies to other areas of my interest in the Civil War. To borrow a phrase from George Carlin… it is yet another place to “put my stuff.” I don’t go into it with the intent of adding new posts daily, weekly, or monthly… new stuff will be added as I come across something new.  The “hub” of activity remains centered here, in “Cenantua’s Blog.”