Lost Cause Mythology… Rev War Mythology

Posted on November 24, 2008 by


For the first time in months, I decided to finally turn on History and watch a couple of episodes of The Revolution this evening. After watching two hours worth, I started to realize a few things… or maybe re-realize a few things.

First, there was discussion about the Paul Revere myth… not much, but enough to start the wheels rolling about historic mythology, especially considering some discussion in comments to some blog posts elsewhere within the last year asking why some aspects of the Rev War aren’t focused on as much as Lost Cause memory. By the way, as for the Paul Revere myth… is it difficult for New Englanders to swallow the myth being busted thing? I’m just asking to see if there is some parallel with some of the new-age Lost Cause remembrance folks and their difficulties in dealing with Confederate myth-busting.

Then, there was the brief mention of Paul Revere’s artistic work that exagerated the Boston Massacre (hmm, I’m thinking about some of what was addressed in the post about “side-effects” of Civil War art).

Conclusion… I need to start watching more Rev War stuff as I’m finding more parallels and snippets of interest when considering the mythology of the Lost Cause… and the mythology generated by “new-age Lost Cause.”

For those who might be curious, I briefly discussed something about the parallels between loyalists in the two wars in a post several months ago.