A REAL threat to Southern culture?!

Posted on November 19, 2008 by


I couldn’t help it. After learning the other day about the Strange Maps Blog, I felt certain there must be something else there that might be worthwhile to mention regarding Civil War “memory.” Well, this isn’t exactly Civil War “memory,” but the Tea as a North/South Litmus Test sure as heck has something to do with Southern preference when it comes to sweet tea! And, I’m sorry, but putting sugar in cold tea just isn’t the same thing as tea sweetened immediately following brewing. I can’t tell you how many times this past summer when I was in New England, when I asked waitresses if a restaurant had sweet tea, the waitresses looked at me funny and indicated that there were packets of sugar in the little container on the tables.

That said, take a look at the map below. Not only is Northern preference for unsweetened tea invading Virginia, it appears this hideous practice has a strong foothold in Northern Virginia… and even into the Shenandoah Valley! Egad!

That’s it! This incursion is justification for the immediate release of the “sugar reserves” from the “sugar arsenals” in the Southern portions of the Commonwealth. They must at once be rushed to the Northern reaches of the Commonwealth to fight back those urges to serve unsweetened tea!

Yet another hat-tip to Strange Maps… and eightoverfive where the alarming representation in a map hit the Web! (You really have to go to this “link” at eightoverfive… the interactive map is REALLY COOL!)

Oh, and on another note, I personally like to put sugar in my cornbread mix as well… and in some areas of the deep South, I have found that the resulting pan of cornbread is most CERTAINLY NOT REAL Southern cornbread. Looks like there are some mixed signals in the South when it comes to appropriate and inappropriate uses of sugar.