The new header for Cenantua’s Blog

Posted on November 9, 2008 by


It’s been up for over a week, but if you still don’t recognize the image in the new header, it is a photo of the Maryland State Monument at Gettysburg.

Most of my direct relatives in the Civil War were Virginians, but I also have family ties to Maryland. Those from western Maryland were Union (3rd great-grand uncle Joseph L. McKinney and 1st cousin, 4 times removed James Draper Moore, both served n Co. B, 1st Potomac Home Brigade, Cole’s Cavalry), while at least one relative (Warren Francis Moore, a second cousin, 4 times removed) from eastern Maryland was Confederate (Co. B, 2nd Maryland Infantry… incidentally, W.F. Moore was killed at Culp’s Hill).

I used the image with the thought that the monument, especially since it was dedicated not so long ago (1994), represents relatively recent “memory” of the Civil War, from both sides of the fence.