Doth a Wiki Cometh?

Posted on November 8, 2008 by


If you haven’t been following it, many of us are all over the board in three different blogs in discussion focused on, more or less, the potential for more dynamic blogging within the practice of digital history (after all, the blog… well, it’s not just for blogging anymore). On this blog, most recently, there has been comment exchange in this post, this post, and this post; at Harry’s blog (Bull Runnings) there has been A LOT of discussion in the comments in this post; and at Craig’s blog (To the Sound of the Guns), there has been discussion in the comments in this post and this post. We’re also getting thoughts on design from Brian (Behind AotW) and Jenny (Draw the Sword). Also participating in the exchange are Don (Crossed Sabers) and Nick (Battlefield Wanderings).

The really cool thing about this exchange is that all of us are tied to interests in the Civil War and how to communicate our respective interests. I brought it up and Brian (Antietam on the Web) seems excited about it, but a Wiki focusing on dynamic uses for the blog might be forthcoming. Although, this exchange alone on multiple blogs is a lot of fun.