And speaking of “layers”

Posted on November 8, 2008 by


A Stokes County man is protesting the election of Barack Obama by mounting an upside-down X-ed out flag on his property.

The flag is stretched upside-down between two poles in a field, with a black X running from end to end. The X is a reference to the Confederate Flag, Heath said. It reflects his belief that the Confederate Flag has been unfairly targeted for protest by people trying to be politically correct.

To read more, see the Nov. 7 edition of the Winston-Salem Journal.

Expressing belief or even dissatisfaction is one thing, but at the expense of the flag of the United States (during a time of war, no less) while including symbolism of the Confederate flag? Something to think about considering my post on Layers of Symbolism in the Confederate flag. I wonder what Confederate descendant organizations will have to say about this, if they say anything.