Scribd… and more

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Hmmm, I’m intriqued. I wonder how Scribd might be employed within the practice of digital history. I’m probably behind the curve on this one and would bet that it’s already in use in some history classes.

On another note, in gearing-up to write a literature review of materials relating to “interaction design” in digital history, I took a “walk” on Google and was surprised to find that the first two links to show up lead back to this blog. Cool! Still, that doesn’t help me very much in finding literature on the use of interaction design in the practice of digital history.  So, I did a search using “user-centric design” and “digital history.” Darn (or, rather, “yeah”)! It happened again, the top link leads back to this blog. Then I “Googled” “user-centered design” and “digital history.” Ok now, looks like I have something to work with, maybe. We’ll see. It makes me wonder, why isn’t “interaction design” and “user-centric-design” being discussed more in the practice of digital history?

Follow-up… there is some really good stuff out there. For those interested in interaction design and digital history, check-out, for example, this blog post by William J. Turkel. Looks like excellent material fuel for my “lit review.”

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