A philosophy worth taking to heart

Posted on October 26, 2008 by


Since this is my 101st post, I think it is fitting to take time to reflect on the beginnings of this blog. Before I made the leap into the Civil War blogosphere, I created an annotated bibliography focused on the practice of digital history. From all that I found, one item in particular stuck with me. Writing about potential of history in the medium of the Web, Dr. Edward L. Ayers, a leading digital historian and former director of the Virginia Center for Digital History (and now the president of the University of Richmond) remarked

historians need to understand the new media and its implications as fully as possible, for both defensive and hopeful reasons. We need to resist the dilution and distortion of historical knowledge brought by the erosion of our authority in a widely dispersed new medium. The best way to wage that resistance is to seize for ourselves the opportunities that the medium offers, opportunities to touch the past, present, and future in new ways.

I agree with the philosophy on all levels. I also hope that I have actively applied the philosophy to practice in both my posts and general activities in the blogosphere.