“Southern Heritage”

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Abstracted from a portion of my response to a comment…”

Depending on how it is used, “Southern Heritage” does not necessarily mean “Confederate heritage.” To be Southerner does not mean that one had to be Confederate. For that matter, to have “Southern Heritage” does not mean that the ancestry alive at the time of the war, was “exclusively Confederate.”

My own “Southern Heritage” includes eager volunteers for Virginia’s ranks, reluctant volunteers, men wounded and/or killed in action, died of disease, died in POW camps, men who were still present with the ANV in 1865, conscripts, deserters, men who were killed by conscript hunters, AND… much to the disgust of those who like to look at history in the silly manner in which they do… what some would call the “detested” Southern Unionists and “Yankee” soldiers.

I’m pretty sure that these Southern Unionists and Union soldiers did not see themselves as culturally, “Yankees” at all, but Southerners who opted for defense of Union. They were among the unconditional Unionists AND those who just hated the Confederate conscript patrols that wanted to take them to the Confederate army (Jimmy Stewart in the movie Shenandoah displayed more truth about people in the war than a lot of people realize).