Looking forward… and the thought of analyzing Southern Loyalist Claims

Posted on April 24, 2008 by


It might seem like I have laid aside my focus on Civil War “memory,” but I’ve actually been looking into beginning a run of posts that analyze Southern Loyalist Claims. In fact, what I may do is begin focusing on several regions (small groupings of counties in close proximity) within states and begin comparing the differences between regions. How, for example, does a grouping of counties in the Tidewater of Virginia compare with a grouping of counties in the Shenandoah Valley? What were the number of Southern Loyalist Claims, what was the referendum on secession, what were the population figures and so forth? In the case of Virginia, I might even go as far as to analyze the number of companies “recruited” from the respective counties and interlace that data in the analysis.

I just really believe that Southern Loyalist Claims aren’t given nearly the amount of consideration that they deserve. I also think they reveal a lot that stands in contrast with the way that a number of people think today (specifically, I’m talking about the way that some people believe that a solid South existed during the Civil War, and the way that they relate a moonlight and magnolias mythology of the Southern Confederacy to others, thereby misrepresenting real history and thus, they being the ones who are actually guilty of “revisionist history”).

This undertaking may consist of blog posts (for the analysis), hyperlinked to other pages where I lay out the raw data (tables, graphs, etc.). Depending on the time I have available, this may be better served later this coming fall when I begin understanding the possibilities provided through php fed maps, which will create an excellent set of visual features.

*Update – See my data blog… Southern Unionists Chronicles