Comparing say… a grouping of counties from Alabama with the Shenandoah Valley

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I certainly believe that each area, no matter whether it be in Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina or in any of the states that made up the Confederacy, should be examined based on distinctive differences (demographics, slave population, etc.), taking each county and/or area, one at a time.

So far, I’ve just focused on the Shenandoah Valley. However, with the thought of extending this examination, I thought that I would find some interesting numbers to work with in Alabama. For starters, I found this an interesting item for consideration (the full text of which is available through …

“Consider Alabama, the only state for which I have the figures handy. A Deep South state, the location of the first capitol of the Confederacy, yet 23 counties voted the ‘Cooperationist’ ticket. In Winston County, not a single vote was cast for secession. In the 23 loyalist counties, the vote was 21,665 to 12,042. However, the plantation states wielded the power, and in the slave-holding plantation counties, 24,865 voted to secede and 6,965 voted to remain. The totals for the state were 28,630 to remain in the Union and 36,907 for secession. Barbour, Bibb, Butler, Henry, Lowndes, Marengo, Pike and Russell Counties tallied no Cooperationist votes. Thus, 43.7% of the voters of the ostensibly solid Confederate state voted to remain within the Union.”

As for the Southern Loyalist Claims for the above-listed counties of Barbour (0), Bibb (11), Butler (3), Henry (0), Lowndes (0), Marengo (0), Pike (0) and Russell (2), they only totaled 16. By comparison, but still within the state of Alabama, I looked at St. Clair County and all the counties surrounding it. I don’t have the referendum numbers handy, but while there were sixteen total claims in the eight counties mentioned above, in St. Clair County alone there were sixteen who applied for Unionist claims. Meanwhile in the counties that border St. Clair… Etowah (4), Calhoun (1), Talladega (0), Shelby (23), Jefferson (76) and Blount (14) account for a total of 118 Southern Loyalist Claims (including St. Clair, that makes for a total of 134 for that small block of counties in the northeast/central part of Alabama). I’d be curious to see what these people had to say about the referendum vote in their respective counties, not to mention how the referendum vote played-out in each of these counties.