Bidding farewell to Major Dundee

Posted on April 6, 2008 by


Charlton Heston as Major DundeePausing briefly in my postings about the Shenandoah Valley, I wanted to reflect a bit on the death of Charlton Heston. After hearing the news, my immediate memories were of The Ten Comandments (ranking first), Planet of the Apes, Midway, El Cid, Gray Lady Down, and a vague memory of Soylent Green (and, of course, the NRA). While I enjoyed most of these productions (as well as a few others in which he starred), Major Dundee was just never one of those that really caught my attention and, I can say with confidence that the movie had absolutely no impact on my Civil War “memory” (even in a pinch for Civil War content on television, I have to say that I found it hard to enjoy). Nevertheless, since he had a movie that dealt with an aspect of the Civil War era, and noting that nobody else had blogged about the movie and his death, I couldn’t help but bring it up. That being said, I guess I’ll keep my eye out for his better productions on DVD (as I say this, I’m also seeking out a copy of El Cid) and continue to enjoy the annual dose of The Ten Commandments provided via ABC.