Southern Unionist Claims for the Shenandoah Valley

Posted on April 3, 2008 by


While the referendum vote on secession for the different counties of the Shenandoah Valley may reflect one thing (most especially to someone who doesn’t look beyond raw numbers), deeper probing into other numbers brings about a need to investigate even further. That said, the following is submitted for consideration in combination with my post from yesterday (keep in mind, the number of Southern Claims Commissions applicants has been quickly gathered from resources available on and may not be exact, but I do believe they are very close):

  • Berkeley County – 1,303 opposed; approx. 14 claims
  • Clarke County – 15 3 opposed; approx. 3 claims
  • Frederick County – 359 opposed; approx. 72 claims
  • Jefferson County – 365 opposed; over 40 claims
  • Page County – 4 opposed; approx. 30 claims
  • Rockbridge County – 1 opposed; approx. 14 claims
  • Rockingham County – 22 opposed; approx. 179 claims (see this site for some specifics about claims submitted from Rockingham County residents, as well as this series of books)
  • Shenandoah County – 5 opposed; approx. 75/76 claims
  • Warren County – 3 opposed; approx. 17 claims

With the exception of the counties in the northern Valley (Berkeley, Jefferson, Frederick and Clarke all having less claimants as compared to the number that opposed secession in the referendum), the numbers of applicants in the rest of the counties of the Valley exceed (sometimes significantly) the number shown as opposed to secession in the respective counties.

I’ll have a third set of numbers to add to these numbers tomorrow.