Ready for the “Spring Campaign”

Posted on March 28, 2008 by


A little off course from Civil War memory today, but then again, maybe not. When I walked outside this morning, I was struck by the wonderful warmth of springtime. We’re supposed to climb to 70 degrees today (but drop to the 50s again tomorrow, darn it!) This is the type of weather, at this time of the year, that motivates me to head out to the battlefields. That sudden need to hit the battlefields is about like sap rising in the trees. Personally, April (just days away!) is one of my favorite months for treks up to Gettysburg. It’s something about that warming spring air combined with that still slightly cool sensation of the ground during this time of year. Somehow, I’ve always been lucky enough, when touring a battlefield at this time of the year, to actually appreciate the stark contrast… that thought that a spot on earth was so embroiled in the chaos of Civil War combat at one time, and yet that I am able to stand on the same spot and savor much more peaceful sights, sounds, and scents of early spring. It’s just so surreal, especially when I can hit a location just at the right time, well beyond any roadway noise, and not within sight or sound of another soul.

I guess, for today, I’ll just have to take a virtual walk along the battlefield. “Echoes of Gettysburg” looks like it might be just the ticket today. I think I’ll spend a little time in and around the Wheatfield.

But talk about “immersive” photography, wow! This other site is has some breathtaking photography that would make just about anybody feel like they were on-site at Gettysburg. I especially like the Gettysburg panoramas on the site. For those who enjoy the art of Civil War battlefield photography, I’d recommend this as one of the best.