Lincoln on C-Span

Posted on March 3, 2008 by


I found this link and thought it would be of interest to some. After attending the kick-off Lincoln event (the Lincoln Birthday event at the Lincoln Family Cemetery in Rockingham County, Virginia)for the Commonwealth of Virginia, I’m looking forward to the different reflections of Lincoln that will be coming out over the next year (and beyond). On a personal note, within the last year I found an interesting connection between Lincoln and my family (my love of genealogy revealed!). Not only did I have a cousin (Alvin Saunders) who was appointed the territorial governor of Nebraska on the very day that Lincoln was assassinated, but I also had a first cousin (Edwin “Ned” Arthur Emerson) who played Lord Dundreary in the play (Our American Cousin) at Ford’s Theatre on the night of the assasination. I haven’t been able to assemble all of the details as recollected by Emerson, but I am working on it. I might post on the subject sometime around (fittingly) mid-April.